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TAXI BOOK(城市口袋书)是什么?

Put simply, the TAXI BOOK is the ultimate travel survival tool and local directory for the city of Ningbo. Brought to you by Reindeer Station Expat Services, the TAXI BOOK was created out of the need to inform and help Ningbo travelers find their way around town and get comfortable with the city of Ningbo.

简而言之,城市口袋书是真正的游走城 市间的工具,宁波城市信息的字典。由宁波灵达涉外服务公司出品的这册城市口袋书企在告知和帮助到来宁波的商旅人士和当地的中外长居者在城市间如何轻松地行走。

It is "a bilingual living geography of Ningbo"-Ningbo Evening Newspaper

Ningbo,In your pocket.

TAXI BOOK城市口袋书有什么?

The TAXI BOOK is full of useful information and guidance tools, Including:

  • Directory Listings of Important Local Businesses 本地重要商家信
  • Listings printed in Chinese, Pinyin, and English 中文、拼音和英文信息目录
  • Listings provide phone, address and hours of operation 包括商家电话、地址和营业时间等
  • Train, flight and Bus Schedules 火车、飞机航班和短途汽车时刻表
  • Local maps of Ningbo Hot Spots 宁波热门商圈的快捷区位地图
  • Chinese Learning Lessons 中文培训课程
  • Useful Phrases 日常实用短语
  • Valuable Vouchers 有价值的优惠券
  • And much much more 其他更多丰富的内容!!

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