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Nationwide  Network

Nationwide Network

Reindeer Station consists of a strong, unified team of professionals who are skilled with various languages to serve expatriates and foreign enterprises in major cities in China. With formidable knowledge and hands-on experience of the local market, the team at Reindeer Station are confident in making the best recommendations and providing the wisest proposals tailored for you. 

Not only that, Reindeer Station has a strong foundation and fast expanding network all across China. We have contacts and affiliations nationwide, who are more than happy to extend their services to you. Our extended network provides the same efficiency and high competence. We will make sure your requests and needs are met no matter the distance. 

Our team will guide you through every step of the way while keeping your benefits and requests in mind to make sure that our service is provided to you in the most efficient way possible.
If you would like to know about the local market and require consultation or recommendations within our nationwide network, feel free to contact our project manager of the Ningbo office as displayed below: 
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