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Maid Service

Reindeer Station's maid service is especially good for cleaning residences prior to people moving into their new home or to do daily house keeping. In addition, washing dishes, folding clothes, making beds and ironing can be included in “valet” service as per clients'need.

Babysitting is available for foreign families with children. AYI approved by Reindeer Station are either with years of working experience at Reindeer Station or with rich experience in babysitting in foreign families and highly recommended by veteran AYI at Reindeer Station.

To ensure the service standard, Reindeer Station will always arrange the same maid to meet each client's constant requirement. Moreover, during the first service, our service consultant will be present together with AYI at clients’apartments, introducing clients’requirements and habits to AYI so that AYI understand clients’expectations perfectly.

Maid service is available weekly,or monthly depending on your request. All maids have their own regular arrangement. Please contact us 12 hours in advance if you need the maid service.

Charge Standard
Service Type Charge Standard
Regular Service RMB 35-40/Hour

Full Time Service

One Month Salary of the Maid
The salary of the maid is about RMB 3500-4500 depending on detailed working time and jobs requirements.

Service Description
1、Reindeer Station will keep service records in order to monitor service quality, which includes service date, time, comment and signature
2、In the first service, service specialists will accompany Maid (AYI) to visit customers and transfer requirements and rules from customers to AYI.
3、In the time of services, service specialists will provide the service for on-the-phone translation when AYI encounter communication problems
4、In our office hour between 9:00—18:00, customers can require service specialists to transfer any advice or temporary arrangement to AYI through E-mail or telephone
5、At the end of working day each month, service specialists will pick up the service records and monthly payment. 

Remarks: Only customers who have one maid service or more each week are entitled to the first four duties.