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Relocation Services

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City Orientation
Preview Trip

Preview Trips are an important aspect of the preparation phase before you relocate in a completely strange city or area. Customized programs inform transferees and their families about local housing and schooling options, key amenities, medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

Reindeer Station's English speaking guide is familiar with the city range, understanding the different requirements from different clients, a refined tour helps you have a basic idea of the city where you are going to live in for the next chapter of your life.

Area Orientation

A more detailed tour than the Preview Trip, the Area Orientation is a comprehensive overview with substantial question and answer consultations to help in navigating day-to-day living. Area Orientations help the client to identify housing, learn about commuting, medical and banking facilities and any special security concerns.

Reindeer Station will make a customized orientation schedule according to clients' different needs. We will include all the city landmarks and the major places where the clients and their family will normally go in the daily life, e.g. shopping center, major banks, post offices, hospitals, nearest local police station, schools, gym, book store, restaurants, entertainment area, churches, etc….

Inter-Cultural Training
Customized intercultural services help clients and their families identify local behaviors, understand communication styles, explore coping mechanisms and learn adaptation skills. Training will be provided through preview trip and/or Area Orientation for no additional fee.