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Station Expat Service is a unique, locally authorized service company that provides relocation, moving and property solution services since 2005. We are also the leading company in this industry here in Ningbo. Our clients include big companies and conglomerates such as Ikea, Philips, Samsung. LG, Auchan, Bosch, Volkwagen and many more.

The Reindeer Station team offers professional, facilitative and efficient services equiped with strong knowledge as well as a formidable network of contacts and affiliation across China. Our dynamic, professional and multilingual team is fully dedicated in providing corporations and individual expatriates our valuable insights of the local market and our practical services in assisting with business set-ups, moving services, property services and many more.

  • Mission
    Reindeer Station aims to provide top notch services to assist corporations and individual expats step by step in the local market - to launch, refine and manage mobility programs productively and efficiently.
  • Our Company
    · Unique
    · Locally Authorized
    · Professional
    · Facilitative
    · Comprehensive Services
  • One-stop Service
    · International Standard
    · Adaptability
    · Tailor-made Propositions
    · Efficiency
    · Long term support
  • Staff
    · Multilingual
    · Knowledgeable
    · Proactive
    · Trust-worthy


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