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Moving Insurance

Why Should You Purchase Moving Insurance?
  While Reindeer Station uses the highest standards of care in making sure that your belongings are properly handled and protected there is always the risk of an accident or influences outside our control (After your goods are packed, they will be passed into the hands of other organizations including shipping companies, airlines, warehouse, port, custom and handling agents.) which may cause damage or even loss of your belongings. 

  Reindeer Station takes pride and responsibility in offering you the protection you need. We offer you our skills and expertise in performing our professional services to minimize risk and in addition we offer you the peace of mind and assurance of protection against accidents and forces of nature outside our control.

  And these risks generally increase with distance and different ways of transportation. To provide protection and peace of mind, We we strongly advise that you take out all-risk transit insurance coverage.

Why Subscribe to the Reindeer Station All Risk Insurance Policy?
  Our goal is to give you the benefit of the best removals insurance cover possible. For total peace of mind you are strongly advised to include Reindeer Station’s All Risk Protection Policy when moving, to ensure that you are fully covered.

  Reindeer Station has arranged a special All Risk Protection Policy which is underwritten by one of the world’s leading underwriters, the American Home Assurance Company, a member company of the American International Group (AIG). Our corporate insurance company, Inter Trans Insurance Services, Inc. (ITI), a closely held California Corporation, was established in 1978 for the express purpose of providing specialized transit insurance coverage for domestic and international shipments of household goods and personal effects. It is based in Southern California. ITI is currently providing coverage for well over 200 forwarding operations and corporate accounts in various parts of the world with the greatest strength in the North American and the Far East markets.

How do I proceed with Reindeer Station All Risk Protection Policy?
Step 1: Complete the inventory form.
  Value your goods at destination using the individual method of valuation. You will need to list and value all the goods in your shipment, under the appropriate category. Groupings can be used, but note that it is assumed that each item in a group has the average value of all the items in the group. The average value will be used to estimate the replacement cost. Should you feel the form is too restrictive, or if you prefer to compile your own valued list, please do so.

Step 2:  When you have completed the step 1, date and sign the following:

Your inventory or your own detailed and valued list
- The general terms and conditions for international removals.
- Please return the completed inventory form to our Moving Service Consultant.

Step 3: You will then be given by our Moving Consultant the notice and a copy of the removals insurance certificate.

How do I claim if loss or damage happen in my moving case?
  Please contact with your Moving Service Consultant with a 45 day claim filing deadline. Your Moving Consultant will help you to coordinate with claims department. And you are required to complete the claim form or do claim form on line. 

  The claims department of ITI in Irvine, California has over 100 years of claims experience and is the backbone of our fine reputation. It is company policy to acknowledge all claims within three working days and, if appropriate, a repair firm is assigned to survey and repair all transit related damages. Due to the very high volume of moving claims handled by ITI, ITI have developed a repair firm network that is, arguably, the finest available to any adjudication firm in the world. In the interest of furthering this quality network, the repair firm is paid within three working days after the receipt of their invoice.

The terms & conditions of “ITI ”s  All risk Policy? 
  Household goods, personal effects and private passenger automobiles shipped under deck or by air are insured against “All Risks” of physical loss or damage from any external cause, subject to the American Institute Cargo Clauses. These clauses include Warehouse to Warehouse Transit Clauses, Marine Extension Clauses, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion, and “War Risk” insurance. Containerized shipments, whether shipped on deck or under deck are insured per “All Risks” conditions. Non‐containerized shipments on deck, subject to an “on Deck” bill of lading, are insured “Free of Particular Average” unless the vessel or craft be stranded, sunk, burnt, on fire, in collision or by the shipment being jettisoned or lost overboard. Whenever coverage provided by this policy would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions, such coverage shall be null and void. This document is a confirmation of insurance placed with National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, a subsidiary of Chartis Insurance under Marine Open Cargo Policy #051769983 and administered by Inter Trans Insurance Services, Inc., hereinafter referred to as I.T.I.

  In the absence of a valued inventory, insurance must be purchased for a minimum of .00 per pound for Actual Cash Value or .00 per pound for Replacement Value coverage. Either type of coverage requires that high value items be specifically declared and valued and this total must be added to the per pound coverage. The settlement based on Actual Cash Value insurance will be the lesser of replacement costs, less a factor for depreciation, or the repair costs. The settlement based on Full Value Replacement insurance will be the lesser of repair costs, replacement value or as stated on the valued inventory. This company reserves the right to replace the damage or missing items with items of like kind and quality. If any item of a "set" is lost or damaged, payment is only made for proportionate value of the item damaged, not the entire set. All items in the shipment must be insured. Any policy that covers only a limited number of items in the shipment is subject to rejection or will be co‐insured.

  This insurance includes coverage for 90 days storage at origin and/or destination within an approved warehouse. Mini storages, self lock areas, garages and other like facilities are not considered approved warehouses. Should the storage period exceed 90 days, the assured or the assureds agent must promptly notify I.T.I. of the delay and pay an additional premium.

  Any shipped item(s) valued at over USD0.00 per item or set MUST BE SPECIFICALLY DECLARED AND VALUED prior to issuance of this document. Failure to comply will limit recovery to a maximum of USD0.00 per item or set.


  The amount of insurance purchased must be not less than the Actual Cash Value or the Replacement Value of the property. If it is, the Underwriters will not pay for the full value of any item lost or damaged. The assured shall, to the extent of such deficit, bear his, her or their proportion of the loss. If a valued inventory has been submitted with the insurance document, the maximum liability shall not exceed the indicated amount. In no instance shall the Company's total liability exceed the insured value declared on this document.

Main Exclusions 
  Removals companies do not usually cover goods which fall under the following risk criteria: 

Consequential loss
  Consequential losses (i.e. Resulting losses) arising from the delay in delivery may not be covered, and loss of value and depreciation    due to damage and/or after repair may be excluded from cover. Ensure that you clarify this with your removals company.


Owner packed goods
  Items packed by the owner without inspection by the mover before the carton box is sealed, are classified as “packed by Owner” (abbreviated as U20 or PBO). Movers usually exclude cover to items which are damaged or lost in owner-packed-cartons. If you wish to be covered, allow your removals company to pack or repack all items.