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Moving Types & Procedures
 International Moving from Ningbo
-Outbound Service ( Door to Door / Door to Port )
-Inbound Service
Domestic Moving from Ningbo
Local Moving in Ningbo
Inbound Service to Ningbo
Outbound Service from Ningbo
International Moving
 Reindeer Station Ningbo has trustable worldwide networking, we have been moving goods for foreigners and corporate since 2005. On average, we are involved in moving more than hundreds families’ goods per year. We offer efficient removal solutions by air, sea or road
Door to Door Outbound Service from Ningbo
  Contact your agent and ask for a free in-home-survey to
determine your relocation in Ningbo needs and please make sure you
point out all items to your consultant that you will be moving,
especially the very fragile and expensive things (e.g. vase; oil
painting and piano). If there’s any antique furniture or solid
wood furniture, other certificates are needed.
After survey has been done, you will get an estimated rate
document within 3 working days.
Consumer tip: Please inform your consultant your expected
packing date and moving date.

Reindeer Station’s packing team in Ningbo will deliver all brand new packing materials to your residence
and pack all items carefully in order to protect all your belongings.
Our English-speaking supervisor will number all the boxes and write down their contents’
Then we will load the truck at your residence and transfer the packed belongings to a warehouse.

Consumer tip: Show your
consultant the boxes which are
packed that you plan to take by
yourself and your family members;
please take note of the
location of all of your personal
items and valuables.

  Reindeer Station’s Ningbo supervisors help to process customs declaration
and arrange your shipment.
Consumer tip 1: Be sure to check your shipments schedule before you book your
travel arrangements, because complications can easily occur which can affect your
travel plans.
Consumer tip 2: Please give your consultant orignal passport and working
permit needed for customs declaration before you leave (5-7 working days).
  DOOR TO DOOR (DTD): You will be informed by an agent at the
destination when the shipment arrives.
After customs clearance is finished, the appointed agent will
deliver your belongings to your residence.
DOOR TO PORT (DTP): You will be informed by Reindeer Station or
the shipping company directly about the estimated arrival time of
the shipment. You need to do customs clearance by yourself or
contract a separate agent yourself.
Consumer tip: Shipment delay can be caused by bad weather, the
shipping company can change the schedule or other factors that are
out of our control.
  Ocean/air freight from origin to destination port  
  Once unloaded, the driver will request your signature on all
delivery documents. In the event of any loss or damage, please
note the items involved on the inventory form prior to signing.
be sure to take a photo of any damage caused by the trip.
Consumer tip: You may need help for complete assembly and
unpacking. If you need any professional and additional services,
please notify our agent. This may inccur an EXTRA CHARGE.
Door to Port Outbound Service from Ningbo

Clients plan to do custom clearance, pick up goods at destination port, then transport to new home in destination and unload, unpacking by themselves.
Port to Door Inbound Service to Ningbo

  All international moving companies that haven't set up branch offices in Ningbo tend to deliver clients’ things destined for Ningbo to Shanghai first, where they transport clients’ things by land after customs clearance. In fact, there is little difference in the ocean freight with either Shanghai port or Ningbo port as destination. If clients both work and live in Ningbo, then there will be more complicated customs clearance in Shanghai than in Ningbo. There will also be more total freight and longer transport time compared with direct ocean shipping to Ningbo. 

  In Ningbo, Reindeer Station is the only company qualified and skilled in international moving of personal stuff. We have professional moving service consultants speaking both Chinese and English who can provide you suitable moving proposals for Ningbo port as the destination.


  Tips: At the place of departure, tell your shipping agents there that the shipment is destined for Ningbo port and the Notify Party in B/L takes Reindeer Station. For more detailed information, please contact our service consultants.
Domestic Moving from Ningbo
Reindeer Station' well known skills in international moving and large corporate agents’ network are available to our clients who need to move domestically, be that within the city or across the country. We accept assignments in local residential moving as well as office moving.  The same care and concern which we demonstrate in international moves is shown to our domestic customers.
Normal unpacking, replacement, re-assemble furniture as required and move away packing debris
Local Moving
Normal unpacking, replacement, re-assemble furniture as required and move away packing debris.


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