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Relocation Services

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Our Storage Features
 We have some of the most flexible, affordable and secure options for storage to fit your various needs.
 Our service works for both short and long-term rentals.
 Our facility provides a variety of sizes, from lockers to large space to accommodate whatever you need to store.
Highly Accessible Locations
Complete Flexibility
Clean, Dry, Safe
24/7 high-definition CCTV monitoring
Reindeer Station Storage It can help you if ?
 You're moving house and need temporary storage while waiting on your new home.
 You're taking time out to travel abroad and want to store your goods while you're away.
 You're relocating to Ningbo and need storage whilst looking for a new home. 
Storage Solutions:

Reindeer Station maintains secure warehouses across the world. We also offer storage overseas in corporation with our domestic and international partners. Wherever you may go with us, you have the means to keep your goods safe. And when you need them, we deliver.

#1  Storage in our own warehouse , ZhengHai, Ningbo
It’s more suitable for temporary storage, or transfer to other cities within China.

#2  Storage in standard warehouse in Beilun/other cities / other countries.
It’s more suitable for temporary storage, then shipping abroad. It’s only allowed packed items storage. 

Pick Up & Delivery
We offer picking up service from your door and arrange flexible storage for you. 
Small Items(no big furniture and appliance): 
1-3 cbms   Rate: 500 RMB single way
4-8 cbms   Rate: 600 RMB single way
If you have big furniture or appliances over above list size, please contact with our moving consultant for quotation according to your actual volume.
Sizing & Pricing
Storage Size (unit: cbm)

Storage Time≤ 3 months

3 months< Storage Time < 6 months 

1-3 300 RMB /cbm/Month 20%
3-6 260 RMB /cbm/Month 20%
7-10  240 RMB /cbm/Month 20%
>10 200 RMB /cbm/Month 30%