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Relocation Services

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Why us

We are affordable

We have different service options catered to your budget needs. Depending on your budget and cost expectations, you can choose between our standard service package and deluxe service package. Regardless of the package you choose, you will receive top quality service from our professional service consultants.

We are supported by the local government

Unlike other agencies, we are recognised by the local government and have worked together with the authorities on many projects. We can help you tap into the properties and resources affiliated with the government, which you otherwise may not have access to.

We are prioritised in the industry

We work hand-in-hand with several real estate stakeholders and property landlords, allowing clients of Reindeer Station to be prioritised and favoured above clients of other property agencies. You can also enjoy benefits provided by the real estate companies with whom we cooperate, that are exclusive to Reindeer Station’s clients. For some of these exclusive tenancy partnerships, we are also entrusted with the management of the property.

Thus, not only do we offer high quality housing resources at the same price as the average rental market, we also provide complementary professional management services throughout the year.

We focus on your legal protection and best interests

Chinese rental contracts can often times be brief and vague, which can be difficult for both tenants and landlords to manage potential conflicts that may arise during tenancy. Our bilingual rental contract has been inspected and validated by a team of lawyers. It provides a set of holistic and detailed clauses to protect our clients.

We take care of your long term needs

Our job does not end at matching you with the right properties. We have an after service department to assist in your tenancy management.

We are a well-rounded team

We have a team of experienced and professional consultants with many strengths and expertise. While we may assign a specific consultant to attend to your particular needs, you have the support of our entire team.