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Other than ambitious fieldwork project with long-distance direction, RS also handled desk research for our overseas clients who were searching new opportunities in their clients in China.


One particular request had been made by a referral client located in Europe in the engine development consultation industry. This client had been successfully worked with one large engine manufacturer in China by upgrading the design of a series of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) a year ago. However, due to the pandemic and the slow of economic development, the engine market sales faced set-back and the engine manufacturer had been reluctant to proceed further project.



Our European client had been convinced that the future of the ICE development would be towards green and low-carbon, of which they have much more to offer that can be beneficial to its Chinese client. Meanwhile, facing competition, as other high profile engine design consultation companies who had Joint Ventures or offices in China certainty are in better position than our European client who had not been able to come to China due to the pandemic.


lthough without much background in engineering or engine, RS consultant took the job after reviewing the specific request of the client. The project content included but not limited to:



National standard update check from official publication

Publicity on various media of Chinese engine manufacturer of its strategic plan

● Engine development forecast by industrial committee

Interview experts who understand the market with specific questions


● 权威发布的国标文件更新查询

● 关于国内引擎生产商通过多渠道媒体发布的关于战略发展的信息

● 来自相关行业协会的引擎发展趋势预期

● 就特殊问题采访了解行业的相关专家


The tasks seemed overwhelming for outsiders of the industry, but after carefully divided and applying proper study skill, most of the answers can be found with reference from authorities.


Moreover, since the purpose of this desk research had been about cultivating future business opportunities for our client, RS provided more than listed on the targets.

更多的是,就该调研的目的是为了我们鹅客户更好的开发与其客户后续的商业合作机会, 灵达商务提供了超过调研目标的信息。


● Personal interviews over the years of high-end leader of the company on various media, such as websites, official Wechat account and Weibo.

Annual reports of the mother company and its subsidies

● Marketing publications as well as neutral reports

● Public anticipation of new emission standard of various type of fuel based machinery

● 近年来关于该中国企业高管在多家媒体上曝光的专访,例如各类网站,官方微信公众号以及微博、

● 母公司及其子公司的年报

● 市场宣传软文以及中立的报道

● 公众对于最新的引擎设备相关排放标准的预期等


Rather than dumping translated findings to the client, RS sorted reference in order and took notes of key points and numbers with summary and assessments. This part largely helped our client go through the finds efficiently and making reference check and further study much easier.

灵达商务整理的各类参考资料并分别摘录笔记,做了总结和分析,而不仅仅只是把找到的 相关资料翻译好全部打包丢给客户完事。这部分工作很大程度上有效的帮助客户轻松查阅找到的资料并方便其后续继续学习研究。

The report very much exceeded the expectation of the client and now we are moving forward to collaboration on new proposal for its Chinese client and hopefully close another consultation deal soon. Currently we are proposing different angles for our client to move forward of its operation in China with business plans. Several high level business meeting with potential clients are on schedule.


It had been a challenge to undertake such project which lie in a technical industry, very different from what RS has been doing over the years. Yet we delivered as promised. It is crucial for our client to be specific with the request and our consultants. After careful assessment, RS will provide a timeline frame which indicate the price of the consultancy project, then you can decide whether to proceed or not.



Of course the preliminary review and budgeting of the consultancy service is free of charge. Feel free to contact us, all at great value.




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