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Long Distance Project-- We Deliver and More远程项目,我们言出必行并提供更多

Last summer in 2021, we launched a fieldwork of market research using random off-line questionnaires in the three different supermarkets for a start-up food supplement brand that had been looking forward to enter China market.



The client came with a business plan, a detailed timeline to coordinate with staff over different time zones due to pandemic restriction on travelling. According to that plan, the role of RS was mainly translation, purchase and ordering materials, site visit and other pragmatic tasks most agents can do properly.



However, in practice, RS did way more:



● Logical flaws in app design highlight

● Mistakes in materials correction

● Visiting and calling various potential sites when planned one cannot be used

●Rental price of the field work project negotiation

● Sorting out legal issue of the plan

● Payment and outsourcing solution

● Recruitment and training temporary staff with short-term labour contract

● Feedback systematically on project daily report

● Support field staff with uniforms, equipment that were not planned by client


● 指出应用设计中的逻辑缺陷

● 改正选材材料中的错误

● 在客户偏好的站点无法使用时访问或致电其他可行的站点

● 与站点协商租赁时间和价格

● 整理项目法务相关问题

● 解决支付和代理问题

● 招聘并培训短期聘用的员工并与之签订劳动合同● 每日按模板有计划的汇报项目进展

● 支持场地工作人员提供制服,设备,补给等海外客户没计划到的


Not to bore readers with all details. There are some point worth sharing that you might find useful. 



Legal Issue 法务问题

The original plan was to introduce this overseas mail-ordered food supplement directly through the field work as orders can be made directly online through the pad used by the staff. However, this activity is not considered as market research in business scope but sales, which would require completely different business licence to practice. Especially there is food related, licence for trading food should be applied.



Payment Issue支付问题

Overseas client should figure out the payment method if the project were to be carried out as order online and deliver by cross boarder direct mail. To collect payment from customers, only viable way in China is to via registration as an legal entity to fully comply the market regulation administration.



However, for marketing event such as interview and questionnaire, RS can make the contract as a service company appear as the legal entity to rent the site and make the payment while overseas client directly pay us through PI. It is unlikely to have site management company to have international bank account to receive overseas transfer.



Business Model Flaw 商业模式漏洞

More than pointing out the sales activity at current stage of the project to be unrealistic, RS point out directly after review the draft of the online questionnaire as using email address as user name to log in while the target customers were elderly people. As a well known fact that we Chinese do not use emails that much in daily life, especially older people who are usually not savvy enough to even own an email address.



Payment issues not solved, if using mainland bank for this business, then registration and business license is a must. As service company, RS can solve part of the money issues such as paying rent to the site and paying salary to the staff, but only strictly limited to those listed on our business scope.



Comprehensive Report and Development Plan with Budget


After the site work was finally done, our project manager lay out a detail report providing road map of future development with solutions on legal, marketing, sales channels with a preliminary budget if it were to launch officially in Ningbo. The client was happy to collected thousands of valid data of actual potential customers at reasonable cost while the whole teams were working simultaneously in different continents yet without misunderstanding or wasting of resources.



When the pandemic or your budget stops you from developing your business in China, come to us for consultation, all at great value.




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