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PU Letter Channel Fastened外国人入华邀请函批复提速

Last month, our service consultants successfully acquired several PU letter applications for foreigners. From submitting the documents to obtaining the PU Letter, only took one week. The application process has been largely shortened, as before, it normally takes 4-5 weeks.



his is inspiring news as for those with plans to come to China. As the processing time for PU is shortened, they can adjust their plan to be accordingly. However, there are some very important points to share before we get too excited about the news.



For starters, the PU letter application right now is still following the principle of “Urgent” and “Necessary”. Any application file should demonstrate this particular foreigner coming to China is qualified as urgent and necessary. From to our last application, there is some document requirement feedback from officers:



“In principle, the PU letter application can only be applied ONCE per person (urgent and necessary work) and cannot be used for multiple entries. The application channels such as family members(only very limited cases approved, must keep up with latest policies), business trips, investigation, technical support and cooperative relations have been closed and will not be accepted. “



Some of the PU letters require Work Permit, some does not. For those who acquired the Work Permit Notification, the PU letter application period is shortened as our experience is within one week. Yet, for those who has not acquired or has no need to acquired work permit, the case will still take more than one month.



Here is a case about a project inviting an expert for short time work in China, no Work Permit required. In this case, the officers required to provide the following items: emails concerned this particular project, project contract, relationship certificate between the inviting company and the invitee's company, employment contract between the invitee and his company, education certificate, work resume and nucleic acid test report of the invitee (if the above materials are not in Chinese, please also provide Chinese translation, which can hide the contents that need to be kept confidential).



The officer also highlighted that the processing period will take 45 days, the foreigner must reserve at least 45 days before entering China. Also when submitting the case, all materials must be filed at once, any omission or mistake may lead to declination of the PU Letter.


You may find out more about the conditions and terms regarding PU letter for short period work in the <Procedures of Foreigners Entering China to Complete Short-term Work (for Trial Implementation)>

by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affair, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC. The original document and the translated version is posted on Reindeer Station blog.

你可以在人力资源社会保障部 外交部 公安部 文化部关于印发《外国人入境完成短期工作任务有关办理程序(试行)》的通知中找到更多关于外国人短期来华工作相关条款。文件原文及翻译件,请点击文末左下角【阅读原文】,进入灵达商务博客查看。



In fact under the current circumstance of the pandemic, either PU letter or Work Permit evaluations are getting more specific, detailed and strict. However, if the case file submitted to the authorities can be consistent, coherent, valid and authentic, we can tell clearly the the evaluation and approving process is now much more efficient. Regarding PU Letter for now, presenting the case to be “Urgent” and “Necessary”, you need professionals’ advise. Contact us for one-on-one consultation.




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