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When Your Visa Extension Goes Wrong 当签证延期出错的时候



When Your Visa Extension Goes Wrong 当签证延期出错的时候



Visa application through an trusted agent is wildly chosen by foreigners, pay a service fee and wait for result, usually easy and pain free. Until everything is not fine anymore. Reindeer Station encountered a case in which due to the lack of communication of the previous agent, client and Foreign Expert Bureau, a residency permit extension was declined and the client was forced to leave the country.



This client first came to Ningbo as a student. Before graduation, he used an agent to apply for work related residency permit. It was successful, as the officer handled the case allow certain materials to be submit later and grant the extension of his residency permit. In this case, the foreign expert Bureau gave three months grace period for the material and replace the student resident permit to work residency permit without issuing the work permit. The intention was to allow the graduate sometime to find a job that would qualify a work permit.



Yet he didnt submit the materials for work permit later and never really obtain a valid work permit. As far as he was concerned, his visa was valid and his stay in China was legit. Now we cannot tell it is the agent forget to communicate this important information to the client, or the client simple forget, as they are not in cooperation anymore.



Reindeer Station got the final answer from Ningbo Foreign Expert Bureau, since the client never obtained the work permit, he has been illegally work in China for a year. Now the only visa he can get is a T-visa for one month and he has to provide airline ticket leaving China, end of case. For humanity help or being generous with foreign students, the bureau allowed submission of certain materials later as a grand gesture. Yet abuse this kindness by completely forget about the case is not tolerable. Especially the policies now are tighten on immigration, simply make the case worse.



So far, we feel sorry for the client, not only for the situation he is in now, but also for him choosing the wrong agent. Reindeer Station implemented a CRM system that documents all client data, in confidence of course, which means that the system alert about data and materials even when it is different customer service consultant handling the case, all relevant information is automatically up-to-date. In this case, such important notice from the foreign expert bureau can never be forgotten!



Another similar case with missing material forgetting by client ends well somehow.




This case is also about work permit extension. It was expected to be a easy case as all materials were ready, and the renewal should be done within a few days. However, when evaluating the case, officer raised an issue about a missing document from 4 years ago when the client first applied for work permit, the certificate of notarized education degree. 4 years ago the case was not handled by Reindeer Station and the officers can not explain (do not owe anyone explanation as a matter of fact) why the work permit was granted without this key document.



The client is getting the notarized paperwork but it takes time, this directly leads to result of turning a easy extension into a new application as the expiration date came earlier than the notarized paperwork.



More service fee, more time and energy was put in, but silver lining is that everything is on track now. The lesson we can learn from the case is that never be so sure about the decision of authorities. It is clear that the officers are constantly learning and becoming more and more careful and professional. It is vital to keep your file on track and all information submitted to be consistent. One may say it is unfair that due to the missing document of 4 years ago to denial current extension. Well, in the end, visa is an act of sovereignty, the bureau owe no one explanation.




These two cases are different because the first one never really acquired the work permit, yet the second one do get the work permit. Probably the officers decided that the first client should not be grant with a work permit even with all material submitted under current circumstances, and the second one is more qualified.




In the end, Reindeer Station strongly advice you choose your agent carefully and keep up with the process in case any more documents were required or any special terms were addressed. It is always better to be careful than sorry, and never try your luck with authorities.



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