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Work Permit: 40% Raise on Salary Standard工作许可:薪资标准飙升40%

29th September 2021, Service Department for Foreigners Working in China of Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau made an announcement that would severely affect those foreigners who apply Type A/B work permit with salary commitment.


Below is the original notice and translation

It is indeed a really big raise as the last standard for Type A was RMB 38,142 per month and Type B was RMB 25,428 per month. The bar has been raised by more than 40%!


Reindeer Station called Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Experts right away inquired about the new policy. Specifically with the question about those who obtained Type A or Type B visa through salary from previous standard, what will happen when they have to renew the work permit with their previous year income tax slip and the pre-tax income won’t fit the new 40% higher standard?


The officer’s answer has two folds. First, since 29th September 2021, all new applications should comply with the new standard, no excuses. Second, for the case described, when the authorities are reviewing the case, the decision will be made on case by case basis, no one-cut rule. But one should be prepared that if the pre-tax income on the tax slip did not fit the new standard, there is a chance that the renew of the Work Permit will be declined, or lower graded.



To obtain work permit through salary, the key is about the tax slip. The logic is simple, if a foreigner’s contribution to China can not be qualified as outstanding or extraordinary on qualitative way, then one must pay enough tax to count for monetary contribution in quantitative way. Tax slip can only be issued from tax bureau and leave no room for fabrication.


Therefore Reindeer Station alert to those who may concern, be aware and be prepared.



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