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Set up a company to get visa? Be careful 投资新设公司办理签证?需谨慎


It is very unfortunate that earlier this year, an expat agency was shut down because of unprofessional and indiscreet practice on the materials of foreigners’ visa applications. Just as the falling of a set of domino, many expats’ visa application were severely affected.



To our understanding, if all the materials comply with current policies, authentic and valid and one’s condition to fit the visa criteria, visa application should be a smooth process. Yet, recently, we encountered many cases in which the clients were expected to get a normal visa but in the end get only one month even less time T Visa, namely the immigration office giving them limited time to pack everything and leave the country.



This is a devastating situation mostly happen to those who invested in a company and became self-employed in China. Opening one’s company and seeking for legal residency in China is one common strategy used by those who are not qualified for Type A or B visa and cannot find employment which pay enough to qualify other types. It is a sad fact that these years, there are too many this type of empty companies with only a registration, no income, no taxation contribution, no cash flow, some even don’t have an actual office or telephone line to keep in touch with.





Years ago, government organs can be less effective in sharing information. For example, when your company has been declaring no income and zero tax for many years, the immigration office won’t care to find out. Nowadays, with Ningbo government massively accelerating efficiency at its various service windows, and move the process of most administrative activities online with official website, email, official Wechat account. Meanwhile, among those government administration authorities, they can more easily share information. As a matter of fact, for SMEs, several self-report annul check for market regulation and customs had been merged into one system.



The logic behind the action is simple. For citizens to save time on administration affairs, and to comply with the general policy of the immigration office to tightly control Type B visa, gradually eliminate Type C visa and further encourage type A visa. Simple, those who hold higher level visas shall contribute more to China. For those who opened companies in China, if the companies are truly in business, then the businesses shall generate various recruitment, economics, tax and make a contribution to the country.



When the immigration policy give out opportunities for those to run their own business to get a valid visa, one should not abuse this chance. For a few years, it is true for those who has not declared any tax or income won’t affect the visa extension as long as the required paperwork is accepted by the immigration office, but now, not anymore.




If you want to keep the company, whether it to be actual business progress, keep it real and reasonable following the China Law and Policy. Keep it traceable of a normal operation, maybe not that good business income, but some evidence of actual operation.

Check yourself!


? Have you injected any official capital in the company capital bank account?

Have you put any sales revenue in your income statement?

?? Have you paid some expenditure to cover the operation cost and make tax deceleration? Is your financial statement reasonable?

??? Have you paid up the salary to yourself and staff basis on employment contract and paid personal income tax?

For start-ups, it is normal and common to have a rough start with not much movement in financial statement and company bank account. However, it is not acceptable anymore to be staying in China, running a business that declare to the tax bureau of no sale income and zero tax for several years. In fact, after 6 months of zero tax declaration, the company will be on the watch-list of tax bureau and commercial and industrial system. That can be serious!


 Reindeer Station strongly suggest expats who are entitled of a company to keep it reasonable and traceable. The authorities maybe slow in response, but they always adhere to the rule of authentic and lawful, therefore you don’t want to role the dice. As once it is find out, there is no way back.




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