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600K RMB subsidy for high-level foreign talents in Ningbo!

As a beautiful coastal city with an international outlook, Ningbo places great importance on attracting talents from both domestic and international sources. There is a significant presence of foreign residents, particularly university foreign teachers and employees of multinational corporations. They harbor a deep affinity for Ningbo and many of them wish to settle down here.


Aaron (alias) is a foreigner from the United States who has developed a strong affinity for the local culture and traditions in Ningbo. He has been diligently contributing to the local social security system for a long time. Like other expatriates, he has been living in rented accommodations in Ningbo, which has resulted in frequent moves and an unstable living environment due to factors such as personal reasons of landlords or expiration of contracts. After considering the idea of purchasing a property, Aaron happened to learn about a housing subsidy policy for high-level talents offered by the Ningbo government. Believing that he met the eligibility criteria, he conducted thorough research and successfully applied for and received a substantial subsidy after purchasing a property in Ningbo.


The following is a quotation from the "Housing Subsidy for High-level Talents" policy:

"Starting from July 25, 2022, for newly introduced special talents, leading talents, outstanding talents, and senior talents who purchase their only residential property within the Ningbo Municipality within 3 years from the month of their introduction, a housing subsidy will be provided based on 20% of the total purchase amount (calculated based on the taxable amount excluding the deed tax invoice), with a maximum subsidy amount of 600,000 yuan, 400,000 yuan, 250,000 yuan, and 200,000 yuan respectively."


“自2022725日起,对新引进的特优人才、领军人才、拔尖人才、高级人才,自引进之月起年内在宁波大市范围内购买家庭唯一住房的,分别给予购房总额(以契税发票不含税的计税金额为准)20%,最高60万元、40万元、25万元、20 万元的购房补贴。”

The aforementioned favorable policy primarily targets high-level talents working in Ningbo. As a foreigner, one would first need to determine whether they belong to the category of high-level talents and, if so, which specific category they fall under. This can be determined by logging into the "Ningbo Talent Service Declaration System" to ascertain whether they belong to any of the following categories among domestic and foreign high-level talents: top talents, outstanding talents, leading talents, outstanding talents, or senior talents.


In general, the application and certification process (within 10 working days) can be divided into the following steps: online data submission, employer verification, document upload, initial online review, online collaborative review, talent category approval, and issuance of the talent classification certificate. In terms of the operational steps, it can be summarized as follows:

1.Firstly, you can visit the website: https://hrs.nbrc.com.cn/ and register to obtain your own account.

2.In the top right corner of the interface, select "High-level Talent Classification Certification" and click on "Application".

3.Complete the application process by filling in the required information under sections such as personal details, application information, and document upload.

By following these steps, you will obtain the talent classification certificate and determine which category of talent you belong to.






If you have any questions regarding the process of purchasing a property in Ningbo as a high-level talent or the application for housing subsidies, please feel free to contact our dedicated foreign-related service consultants. We are committed to providing enthusiastic and professional assistance to address any concerns you may have.


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