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New Policies about Work Permit Start from September 1st



On Aug. 15, 2019, Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs organized the training meeting for the newly updated work permission policies dedicated for foreign experts coming to work in China. The key customer service consultants from Reindeer Station attended the training meeting. On the training meeting, Being as professional foreign-related consultants, we are willing to share our opinions about the change of the newest policies and what is greatly cared about by the companies hiring foreign employees and the foreigners who are employed in China. Reindeer Station sincerely hope everyone can get themselves quickly understand and adapt to the requirements of the new policies.



Laws and Rules 


1. Article 41 of Entry and Exit Administration Law:

Foreigners who work in China shall get the work permit and work-related residence permit as required. Any company and individual are not allowed to employ a foreigner who does not get the work permit and work-related residence permit.



2. Item 3 of Article 80 in Entry and Exit Administration Law:

If a foreigner is illegally employed, the employer shall be fined 10,000 Yuan for each foreigner. However, the total fine shall not be more than 100,000 Yuan; all the illegal income (if any) shall be confiscated.



3. Article 39 Management Rules on Foreigners’ Entry and Exit

The fees required by foreigner’s deportation shall be undertaken by the foreigner. If the foreigner who is employed illegally cannot afford the fee, the fee shall be undertaken by the illegal employer (a company or an individual); for other situations, the fee shall be undertaken by the company or the individual who provide guarantee measures for the foreigner for his or her stay in China.



 Legal Visa for Working in China


1. Foreigners’ work permit (Z) system

Valid term: 1-5 years

Entry time: several times

Stay period of one entry: 365 days

Spouse and child (person): Apply for S1 visa, get the      residence permit with the identical valid term.






2. Talent (R) visa system

Valid term: 5-10 years

Entry time: several times

Stay period of one entry: 180 days

Spouse and child (person): Apply for S1 visa, get the residence permit with the identical valid term.

Applicable: high-end foreign talent A only  







3. Foreign expert invitation (F) system

Valid term: 1 year

Entry time: several times

Stay period of one entry: ≤ 90 days

Applicable: high-end foreign talent A only









Valid Term of Work Permit


Pursuant to relevant laws and rules, work permit for foreigners has different valid terms, including:

Type A high-end talent: A valid term of 2-5 years can be provided according to the work contract. If the admission is given at a price which is 6 times of the local salary, the first valid term can be 1 year; if a postpone is required, pay flow or tax payment evidence shall be provided; if complied, a valid term of 5 years at most can be provided.

Type B foreign experts: A valid term of 1 year.

Type C foreigners: the valid term shall be not more than 1 year; if it is specially regulated, follow the special rules.







Key Change of Work Permit Application 


1.  Procedures:

 Type A: All matters can be handled online, no need to verify the documents at the window on site.

 Type B: Matters like salary, employment (after entry) and domestic matters shall be verified at the window on site, while other matters can be handled online.

 Type C: Except the preliminary change and supplement, all matters shall be supported by paper materials, all paper materials shall get the originals verified.




2.  Materials:

 Type A: Part of the materials can be in the form of promise system.

 Type B: Verification on educational background evidences and no criminal record evidences can be non-available before the entry.

 Type C: All materials shall not be in t he form of promise system and they must be fully available.





3.  Others

(1) The applicant shall provide evidences about social security or commercial insurance;

(2) The contract shall be in both Chinese and English.

(3) The salary paid to the foreigner shall be changed, from “no lower than the local minimum wage standard” to “no lower than the local average wage in society” (Ningbo Standard: 5859.3 Yuan /month).

(4) All materials shall not be in the form of photos, that is all materials shall be uploaded to the system after being scanned;

(5) At the time of handling Foreigner’s Work Permit, if the foreigner is admitted according to the salary matters, it is mandatory that the applicant should provide tax payment evidences at the time of applying for postpone or cancellation.








Directly Apply for Work Permit in China


(1) High end foreign talents (Type A) who are in China and have got other visas or valid residence permit;

(2) Foreigners who work in China need to change the employer but the work post is not changed or there is no promotion, whose work-related residence permit is still valid; (it is a kind of an employment transfer, the stay visa is not accepted)

(3) The foreign spouse or child(person) of a Chinese citizen, the spouse or child(person) of a foreigner who has the permanent residence permit or work permit in China, they have the valid visa or their residence permits are still valid;

(4) Comply with the preference policies set for free trade zone and pilot zone for all-round innovation and reform.

(5) The employer complies with the conditions for enjoying the preference policies by a transnational corporation whose head quarter is in China.

(6) The foreigner is involved into the personnel mobility in a company group (“group” is displayed in the industrial and commercial registration certificate).

(7) The foreigner is to serve a cooperative project jointly performed by two governments.

(8) A representative of an organization in China, who has the work permit and entered China legally, who is provided with a work permit with a valid term of 90 days or less (the work permit is still valid) and who is legally employed.

(9) Foreigners comply with relevant conditions after being verified by approval organizations.














1. About social insurance and commercial insurance

Social insurance: A foreigner who is employed by an employer shall register the social insurance within 30 days after the employment certificates are handled. 

Commercial insurance: if commercial insurance is bought, accidents, outpatient, serious disease, repatriation and medical return shall be insured. 

If social insurance has been bought in his or her own country, the social insurance and commercial insurance can be exempted in China. However, the social insurance can be mutually exempted in the countries as follows: Germany, Korea, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Holland, Spain and Luxembourg. In these countries, it is necessary to provide bilingual (Chinese and English) evidence issued by the organization designated by the foreign party. 




2.About judging the valid term of work permit 

The valid term of work foreigner’s work permit is provided according to relevant policies and comprehensive evaluation. Normally, valid term of foreigner’s work permit closely links with the following three factors: 

A: The valid period of the applicant’s passport. 

B: The valid period of the labor contract signed by the applicant and the employer. 

C: The valid period of the applicant’s insurance

In accordance with the three factors mentioned above, the approval organization will provide a valid term for the work permit which is no shorter than the shortest one of the three.


A: 申请人所持护照的有效期限


C: 申请人持有的保险的有效期


3. Rules on employing foreigners at entertainment and body-building places 

For the posts set at entertainment and body-building places, it is forbidden to employ foreigners as the operators or employ foreigners for serving a low-end post. Therefore, the foreigners who are going to engage in Yoga, massage, foot bath and other entertainment and body-building posts are not allowed to provide with work permit. 





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