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Not only the high temperature, but also the subsidy!

Sources from the municipal meteorological station said that this High temperature has reached to 34 degrees centigrade to 38 degrees centigrade. Some people in several regions even encounter over 38 degrees centigrade that high. Though it is very inconvenient to go out and work,your salary may be reasonably higher because of the high temperature subsidy.


 Difference of outdoor employeesand indoor employees 

High temperature employees include employees working outside the office, employees transfer the working environment from the office to the outdoor of the office and employees working in front of the high temperature furnace, whose subsidy is 225 RMB monthly. Otherwise, they are indoor employees, who would be subsidized for 145 monthly. It is thepublic welfare which started in from 2014.


Increasing for subsidy 

Recently, it is proved by themunicipal department that outdoor employees working in high temperature will be subsided by 300 RMB monthly, which is originally 225 RMB. While for indoor employees, their subsidies increase from 145 RMB to 200 RMB, as well. This subsidy will last for 4 months, from June to September!



Furthermore, what we should know is that due to the high temperature subsidy is not contained in the range of minimum wage, companies will not lower workers’ minimum wage. Accordingly, there are also some tips for managers.

(1) Companies cannot stop employees working because of the high temperature.

(2) Companies cannot arrange those who are pregnant to work at a temperature of or over 35 degrees centigrade.

(3) Companies cannot arrange whose are under 18 to work at a temperature of or over 35 degrees centigrade.


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