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15-Days China Unilateral Visa Free to 6 More Countries!

In order to further promote exchanges between Chinese and foreign nationals, facilitate high-quality development, and enhance high-level opening-up, China has decided to implement a trial of expanding the scope of unilateral visa exemption. 


During the period from December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024, holders of ordinary passports from France, German, Italy, Netherland, Spain and Malaysia can enter China for business, tourism, visiting relatives and friends or transit for no more than 15 days without a visa.


The State Administration of Immigration is deepening its immigration policies and measures to help China's open, innovative and high-quality development.


1. Visa policy at ports of entry

At present, port visa operations have been carried out at 99 ports open to the outside world in 72 cities with a large number of arrivals;



2. Transit visa-free policy

The 24-hour transit visa-free policy has been implemented for citizens of all countries at all ports open to the outside world, and the 72/144-hour transit visa-free policy has been implemented for people from 54 countries at 31 ports in 23 cities in 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities);



3. Regional visa-free entry policy

These include 144-hour visa-free entry into Guangdong for foreigner groups from Hong Kong and Macao, 144-hour visa-free entry into Guilin, Guangxi, for tour groups from the 10 ASEAN countries15-day visa-free entry for cruise ships in Shanghai, and 30-day visa-free entry for persons from 59 countries in Hainan.



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As the world's second largest economy, China is continuously opening up its market and optimising its business environment. By expanding the scope of visa-free countries, it is believed that more foreign friends will come to China and share China's development opportunities together.



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