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KNOW HOW in China for B2B Business --About Effective Content Distribution

In theory, the process of creating and implementing a B2B content marketing strategy may seem simple, but in practice businesses face some common challenges.

从理论上讲,创建和实施 B2B 内容营销战略的过程看似简单,但在实践中,企业却面临着一些共同的挑战。

The number one issue for businesses is finding the right time to create and publish high-quality content and how to distribute effectively about your hard work. That’s why as many as 70% of people outsource at least one content marketing activity, with content creation being the most outsourced activity, followed by content promotion.

对于企业来说,首要问题是找到创建和发布高质量内容的合适时机,以及如何有效地传播您的辛勤工作。这就是为什么多达 70% 的人将至少一项内容营销活动外包出去,而内容创建是外包最多的活动,其次是内容推广。

Maximize content reach through free and paid channels to increase your chances of generating leads.


Promote website content


A key part of every content marketing strategy is promoting content to maximize exposure among your target audience. SEO optimized blog posts will generate organic traffic, although relying solely on organic traffic is not a sustainable strategy, in part because we can’t be sure whether our content will always rank high.


When developing our strategy, we use 4 promotion strategies including social media, guest blogging, email marketing, and digital advertising. Each plays an important role in helping more people see our content and share it online.


Social media


The most common content marketing delivery mechanism is social media, used by 87% of marketers. Every piece of content created should be included in our social media strategy. When we post on social media, we use the 4-1-1 rule.

最常见的内容营销传播机制是社交媒体,87% 的营销人员都使用社交媒体。创建的每一篇内容都应包含在我们的社交媒体战略中。在社交媒体上发布内容时,我们采用 4-1-1 规则。 

The 4-1-1 rule states that 4 of every 6 social media posts will link to content from a third party, 1 will link to content on our website, and 1 will be a promotional post. As more content is created, we can start publishing more of our own content. The idea is to make our posts (likes, comments and shares) more engaging while also driving traffic back to our site.

4-1-1 规则规定,每 6 个社交媒体帖子中,4 个链接到第三方内容,1 个链接到我们网站上的内容,1 个是促销帖子。随着内容的增加,我们可以开始发布更多自己的内容。这样做的目的是让我们的帖子(点赞、评论和分享)更吸引人,同时也为我们的网站带来流量。

Guest Blog


Guest blogging is a very important strategy because it generates traffic and links back to our website. Typically guest blogging involves writing an original article on a topic we specialize in, which will be published on a relevant industry website. We will receive a link back to the author profile section of our website, which helps with SEO and site authority.


Some webmasters will allow us to publish articles on their own websites, but the links are no followed. Once the article is online on their website, this means that we will not receive any SEO benefits or weight transfer from this article. But we can still share some valuable content with readers on this website.


Permission email marketing


Sending content to email subscribers is a great way to get more people to share and read our content. If our content is of high value, subscribers will share it internally or, better yet, on social media.


The more people share our content, the more people will read our content, and the more people will be attracted to our channels and become our potential users. Based on past data, it was found that permission email marketing is the channel with the highest return on investment used by small businesses.


Digital advertising


Sometimes we choose to promote certain content through digital advertising. This approach is particularly suitable for brand awareness campaigns for new companies or businesses that want to enter new areas and want to build brand awareness.


68% of marketers consider paid advertising to be “very important” or “extremely important” to their overall marketing strategy.

68% 的营销人员认为付费广告对其整体营销战略 "非常重要 "或 "极其重要"。


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