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Own driving licenses expired, How to fix a new one in China 本国驾照过期了?怎么在中国搞定新的?

Recently, one of my foreign friend's driving licence expired while he wanted to drive in China without going back to his home country to renew his driving licence. He asked Reindeer consultants what he should do, and after getting advise from Reindeer consultants, he decided to challenge the Chinese driver's license and passed all the tests at once!


In fact, it's not as difficult as you think to obtain a Chinese driver's license from scratch. The entire process usually takes 2-3 months and the training fees at driving schools range from approximately 5,000 to 7,000 yuan depending on the school's charging standards.


To obtain a Chinese driver's license, you need to pass four exam subjects, namely the theoretical exam (subject 1), the field test (subject 2), the actual road driving test (subject 3) and the safe and civilized knowledge test (subject 4). For the theoretical part, subjects one and four can both be tested in English, so there are no language barriers.


Although the theoretical exams for subjects 1 and 4 can be tested in English, there is no English prompt during the field test for subject 2 and the road driving test for subject 3. You will need to rely on the exam skills and abilities you have accumulated during practice with your driving school coach. The coaches at the driving school usually do not speak English, so you will need to use WeChat dialogue translation and translation software during practice. Before the official exam, you can choose to participate in a mock exam to get familiar with the testing environment, which will make you feel more confident during the actual exam.


It's important to note that before scheduling an exam for each subject, you must complete the required number of class hours for the corresponding training subject. Subject 1 requires 12 class hours, subject 2 requires 16 class hours, subject 3 requires 24 class hours, and subject 4 requires 10 class hours. Each class hour of training is set at 1 hour, and the teaching time cannot be less than 45 minutes within that hour. The requirement for class hours is to ensure that students have enough time to practice.


Choosing a good driving school can save you a lot of trouble on your journey to obtain your driver's license. Try to choose a school that is close to your home, has a good reputation, good hardware facilities, and a reasonable price. It is also very important to clearly understand the cost of the package before you enrol, to avoid subsequent unexpected costs.


After reading this article, are you excited to come and challenge yourself, but afraid to act rashly due to a lack of sufficient information? Contact Reindeer, we will help you select a suitable and high-quality driving school, provide English test preparation materials, and guide you through the tedious audit process during the licensing process.


Author | Fiona

     作者 | Fiona


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