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Will work permit and resident permit after 7th Nov. be affected?

On March 8, 2023, China acceded to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents ("Hague Convention"). The legal effects of the Hague Convention will enter into force on November 7, 2023 in Chinese mainland.



After accession to the Convention, the use of documents between China and other signatories to the Hague Convention does not need authentication and/or legalization by embassies or consulates. Any public document of any signatory state affixed with the apostille is taken as legally effective in China and vice versa. The procedure will be significantly simplified. Currently, more than 120 countries and regions have acceded to the Convention.

加入公约后,中国与其他公约缔约国之间的文件使用将无需经过使领馆认证和/或公证。任何签署国的公文经加注后,在中国具有法律效力,反之亦然。这一程序将大大简化。目前,已有 120 多个国家和地区加入该公约。


When applying for a foreigner's work permit and residence permit in China, the following documents in the past have required consular certification of the documents submitted:

· Criminal record certificate;

· Education certificate;

· Relationship certificate (birth certificate, marriage certificate);





From November 7th, can Hague Apostille be used directly instead of consular certification for these materials?


Reindeer consultant representatives participated in the training activity of "I Love Ningbo - One-stop Service for Foreign Talents" organized by the Ningbo Foreign Experts Bureau on Thursday this week. They have confirmed the above issue. Currently, the expert bureau and immigration bureau are still waiting for further notice of implementation. Therefore, applicants who have urgent application times still need to continue to follow the requirements of consular certification.



After the Convention comes into force, it will indeed bring great convenience to the process and costs.




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Note 1: On January 11, 2024, the Convention will enter into force for Canada, and the application of the Convention between China and Canada will commence on that date; on June 5, 2024, the Convention will enter into force for Rwanda, and the application of the Convention between China and Rwanda will commence on that date.

Note 2: The Convention shall not apply between China and those members of the Convention which it does not recognize as having the status of sovereign states.

Note 3: The Convention is not applicable between China and India.

The list of States Parties to the Convention on the Elimination of the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents as of 23 October 2023 has reached 125 States Parties. To query specific countries, please click on the following link .




截至2023年10月23日《取消外国公文书认证要求的公约》缔约国名单已达到125个。希望查询具体国家,请点击一下 链接 查询。


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