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Visa Case: Type A or B 签证案例分享:A类还是B类

Reindeer Station has been assisting our clients handle visa application in Ningbo for more than 17 years. We have professional consultants recognized by government organs and have been highly recommended by our clients. Most of our clientele come from word of mouth reference.



The client has been working in China for a few years. At the beginning, his identity and expertise qualifies Type A visa, as he had been holding type A when first come to work in China. The salary offered by his employer was more than 6 times over the local average salary income at that time, just as required. Over the years, the local income increased so as the standard of his salary, as well as the income tax based on his salary.




When its time to extent his visa, we were planed to do a simple extension. Yet at that time, his salary amount did not fit the 6 times of local average income anymore.



After calculation, our consultant figured that he would be better of if his visa is type B as the salary standard only need to be 4 times of the local income. Therefore, RS suggest to cancel the Type A visa before expiration and prepare for Type B visa application. The process is not without difficulties, first of all the commitment documents such as salary should be provided, namely the income tax payment to prove the 6 times salary. The case can be more complicated if the actual payment of salary did not reach the quota due to poor economic environment or various reasons, meaning the income tax payment is not enough to fit the Type A visa he applied before. This time, officers allow extra payment of income tax to make right of the commitment, then proceed with normal cancellation.




According to the Classification Standards for Foreigners Working in China, point 9 of the third item of "foreign talents who meet the needs of market-oriented and encouraged posts" among the high-end talents of Type A foreigners, foreigners who have an average salary income of no less than 6 times the average social salary income of the region in the previous year can apply for a Type A foreign work permit. The fourth item of "foreign talents whose average salary income is not less than 4 times of the average social salary income of the region in the previous year" in Type B foreign professionals can apply for Type B foreign work permit. To sum up, foreigners with 4 times of salary can apply for Type B, while foreigners with 6 times of salary can apply for Type A.




Nevertheless, you cant be careful enough with visa application and extension. It is very important to keep up with the latest policy from different government organs. A trustworthy agent can save you time and energy. Contact us to find out more, all at great value.



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