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Exiting news! China Green Card Approved Assist by Reindeer Station 好消息!灵达商务协助成功办理中国绿卡


 Reindeer Station recently assisted a client and his family member successfully acquire Permanent Resident ID Card in Ningbo. From initial appointment of preliminary assessment to final submission of all relevant materials to the approval, our expert consultant took six months coordinating with various organizations and authorities in China and overseas, prepared hundreds of pages of translations and documentations. Eventually, lived up to the expectations of the clients and successfully got the job done. Good job!



China Green Card, officially called Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card has been one of the worlds most difficult one to acquire. Even though since August 2019, the launch of 12 methods of Immigration and Exit Entry Convenience Policy seemed to make the application of China Green Card more convenient, in real case, it still is difficult and the successful applications are still rare.




With more than 17 years of professional experience in expat service, Reindeer Station handle the application with care and strong organizing and coordination skills. With the clients past work experience in China covered several different countries, provinces and cities, the work load of paperwork translation and organization had been tremendous.



Although you may easily find the requirements to apply for the Permanent Residency from various official channels, but when you take the application documents to the immigration office, it is very likely that the officer will review your documents quickly and give you a specific individual list of documents that you should prepare accordingly.



In fact, the process and be complicated due to the vague expression on requirement. For example, the 20% of taxable income, the calculation can be differ significantly when taking a quota of one year income be 12 consecutive months or natural year. And if there had been gap months of work experience, taking consideration of different average local income, it can be even more tricky.

实际上,这个过程是非常复杂的,因为官方说明的模棱两可。比如,20% 的收入纳税,采用不用的方式,连续12个月,或者自然月的一整年,计算结果可能非常不同。再者,如果期间有职位变动或者几个月空白期,计算不同的当地工资水平,也会更加复杂。


That is why even high profile multinational CEOs’ HR department cannot even handle the case. Delegating to Reindeer Station was their best choice and as always, we took the case with care and we deliver.



Some may argue that such high profile professionals who pay annual income tax to the level of  millions in China, the Green Card should be easy. From our experience, National Security Bureau, the superior of the immigration office show no difference to the fame or wealth. Only fully prepared application will be accepted and maybe successful.




Reindeer Station suggests that a good preparation guarantee is key. If you are thinking about getting one yourself, start tax planning and tracking working experience with solid references is a good start. We dont fabric materials, we help sorting out the best presentation to the authorities. All at great value.




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