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Efficient Entry: No COVID Test Info Needed提高效率:入境无需申报核酸检测信息

General Administration of Customs announced as of August 31, the declaration requirements for nucleic acid test information of entry-exit personnel will be cancelled.



According to the Wechat Official Account of the General Administration of Customs, the 9th edition of the <Entry / Exit Health Declaration Card of the People's Republic of China> will be launched at 00:00 on August 31. It is aimed to facilitate passengers' entry declaration and improve customs clearance efficiency. Various online declaration channels, such as health declaration card Wechat mini-program declaration, webpage declaration and Palm Customs App will enable the new version of declaration function simultaneously.



In terms of content, the new version has cancelledthe requirements for declaration of COVID nucleic acid testing information, previous infection and vaccination date of entry-exit personnel. Confusing items in the past have been adjusted to facilitate the entry-exit personnel to understand and fill in; The function of online confirmation of <Informed Consent for Sampling> has been added to make it more convenient for inbound and outbound passengers to simplify the on-site inspection process.



Currently, there are two ways to fill in the entry-exit health declaration. One is electronic declaration. Inbound passengers can scan or download the Wechat mini-program or the App of "Customs Passenger Fingertip Service" during check-in, before boarding and after landing. The other is paper declaration. Passengers can get paper health declaration card on board or at the passenger inspection channel to fill in.



In order to save customs clearance time during entry and exit, it is recommended that passengers declare to the customs 24 hours before customs clearance through "Customs Passenger Fingertip Service" in Wechat mini-program, Internet webpage, Palm Customs App, etc., and show it to the Customs at customs clearance.



However, this does not mean that COVID test is not mandatory to enter China anymore. In fact, many embassies still request, passengers take COVID nucleic acid test before boarding the flight to China.



Officers in the Customs also made a clear statement that the update of entry / exit health declaration card is not a sigh of loosening the epidemic control. As a matter of fact, there is no substantive change in China's entry epidemic prevention and control requirements.





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