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Great News! Relaxation On China’s Border Restrictions利好!回国限制放宽

Great News! Relaxation On China’s Border Restrictions利好!回国限制放宽

 Multiple embassies announced details. 多国大使馆公布细节


The Chinese Embassy and consulate in Canada recently issued a notice on updating the requirements for ordinary visas from Canada to China. The notice shows that the relevant requirements for applying for visas to China have been further relaxed.


At present, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Canada have updated the requirements for ordinary visas from Canada to China as follows:


1Foreigners who want to go to China for business or visiting activities can apply for visas by presenting the invitation letters of domestic business partners or relevant units.

2You can apply for a work (z) visa by virtue of the notice on foreigners' work permit issued by the relevant departments. No more visa invitation letter (PU) is required.

3Foreign family members of those who return to work (including foreigners who have worked in China) can apply for residence (S1) and family visit (S2) visas without submitting visa invitation letter (PU). Such family members include spouses, parents, parents of spouses and children under the age of 18.

4Chinese citizens and foreign family members of foreigners with permanent residence status in China can apply for visas for family reunion (Q1) or visiting relatives (Q2) in China. Such family members include spouses, parents, spouses' parents, children, children's spouses, brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren and grandchildren.

5High end talents can apply for talent (R) visa with the confirmation letter of high end talents.

6Overseas students apply for a long-term study (x1) visa by presenting the application form for visa for foreign students in China (JW201 / 202), the school admission notice or the return certificate.

7The above application (except r visa) must pay visa and service fee normally.


Compared with the previous notices, the changes after the update are mainly Article 1 and Article 6.



Previously, the application for business and visiting visas required visa invitation letters from relevant Chinese departments. The issuing bodies of visa invitation letters are central and state organs, provincial foreign affairs and commerce departments, central enterprises and prefectural and municipal foreign affairs departments.



The updated requirement is that you only need to rely on the invitation of domestic business partners or relevant units to apply. 



In addition, Article 6 on overseas students was not included in the previous notice.



The Chinese Embassy in Singapore also released the latest news.



The Chinese Embassy in Singapore is notified as follows:



According to the relevant arrangements, from 0:00 on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, foreigners who hold valid APEC business travel cards to engage in business activities in China and foreign students who hold valid study residence permits do not need to re apply for visas to China and can enter China with the above-mentioned documents.



In general, China's entry policy is indeed constantly relaxing



For example, the circuit breaker flights returning from Australia have also been gradually restored, and according to the previous new policy, it is likely that there will be no large-scale circuit breaker in the future.



Shenzhen has specially opened the "Humanistic Care" customs clearance channels, so that eight types of special people who meet the conditions in Hong Kong can apply for entry without occupying the quota of 2000 quarantine hotel rooms per day. 



These include the elderly aged 70 and above; children under 14 years old without guardians in Hong Kong; pregnant women and their accompanying personnel; people suffering from basic diseases or serious illnesses and not suitable for centralized isolation; overseas students staying in Hong Kong for more than 5 days or more; people with immediate family members who have recently become critically ill or died; people who need to attend court sessions, and people who take important examinations.





Overall, everything is on the way back to normal. Follow us, focusing on Foreign Affairs Service for more than 16 years, All at Great Value!





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