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New Policy of China Green Card for Foreign Chinese PhDs外籍华人博士永居新政

According to the Wechat Official Account of the State Administration of Immigration, according to the <12 Immigration Entry and Exit Facilitation Policies and Measures Implemented by the State Administration of Immigration> on August 1, 2019, foreign Chinese with a PhD degree and working in China can apply to the entry and exit administration department of the public security organ for permanent residence in China, and their foreign spouses and minor children can apply with them. The policy is implemented nationwide without geographical restrictions.


The following materials shall be submitted when applying:

1. "Application form for permanent residence of foreigners in China" and my certificate photo;

2. Copy of valid passport information page and residence permit;

3. Certificate of foreign Chinese (i.e. the certificate of joining foreign nationality and the certificate of cancellation of registered residence in China, or the certificate letter of foreign Chinese issued by the overseas Chinese Affairs Management Department of the prefecture level city);

4. Doctor's degree certificate, and the certificate issued by the overseas study service center of the Ministry of education shall be provided for foreign university graduates;

5. A copy of the business license of the employer, the on-the-job certificate issued by the employer, and a copy of the foreigner's work permit;

6. Certificate of no criminal record abroad certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad;

7. Physical examination certificate (issued by the health and quarantine department designated by the Chinese government or issued by foreign health and medical institutions and certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, and the certificate shall be issued within 6 months before the date of acceptance);

8. Translation (if the relevant materials are in foreign languages, they shall be translated into Chinese and stamped with the seal of the translation company).



The permanent residence permit for foreigners is a legal identity document for foreigners who have obtained the permanent residence qualification in China to stay in China. It can be used alone.




The promulgation of the policy message triggered a heated debate, of which the most critical conditions are mainly two. First, a PhD degree; second, the status of foreign Chinese.



The PhD degree is very easy to understand, that is, the applicant has obtained the corresponding degree certificate after completing the doctor's degree in domestic and foreign regular institutions. However, in the understanding of foreign Chinese, many people are biased.



According to the notice of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council on printing and distributing the provisions on defining the status of Returned Overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese refer to former Chinese citizens and their descendants of foreign nationality who have joined foreign nationality; Descendants of Chinese citizens of foreign nationality. According to the nationality law of the people's Republic of China, both parents or one of them is a Chinese citizen, one was born in a foreign country and have Chinese nationality; However, if both or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen and settles in a foreign country, and the person has foreign nationality at birth, he does not have Chinese nationality. Therefore, if both parents are Chinese students, the children born abroad do not have foreign nationality andare not foreign Chinese.



To prove one’s identity as a foreign Chinese:

1. Certificate of joining foreign nationality and certificate of cancellation of Chinese registered residence (applicable to foreign Chinese who once had Chinese nationality)

2. Certificate letters and other supporting materials issued by overseas Chinese affairs management departments of prefectural cities.







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