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Adjust and Improve to Facilitate Exchange and Cooperation调整优化促进往来合作

On July 26, China's State Administration of immigration held a regular press conference. Zhang Ning, spokesman of the State Administration for migration and deputy director of the general affairs department, answered the questions raised by the reporters. "The State Administration of immigration will continuously adjust and optimize the exit and entry management measures according to the changes of the epidemic situation, fully guarantee the necessary exit and entry needs of the people, and continue to serve and promote the exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel and foreign exchanges and cooperation."




China is expected to relax its entry-exit policy, and the words "Sufficient" and "Necessary" have become the key to people's entry-exit. For enterprises and institutions and mainland Chinese citizens who leave the country under the normal epidemic prevention and control to engage in epidemic prevention and control, engineering construction, transportation of production and living materials, business, work, production, scientific research, study abroad, examination, academic exchange, medical treatment, family visit and care for the elderly and pregnant women, participate in family wedding, graduation ceremony, family reunion and other matters, The entry and exit certificates were accepted and approved in a timely manner. 




For special and urgent situations, the "Green Channel" is also provided For special and urgent situations, the "green channel" is also provided.




There will be more international flights commuting China and the rest of the world, mobility of people is expected to rise soon. If you are making plans to travel, it is time to learn about detail policies and to start planning.




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