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Latest Adjustment of Visa Policy 近期来华签证政策调整

According to Zhejiang Foreign Affair Office, recently, numerous Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have issued notices, announcing the latest visa policies which further relaxed the requirements for foreigners to apply for visas to China, to facilitate foreigners' entry into China.



Among them, foreigners who come to Zhejiang Province to engage in business, visit, work and other activities do not need to submit the PU Letterissued by the relevant government departments of Zhejiang Province when applying for a visa.



Foreign family members of those who return to work and resume production can apply for visas by virtue of kinship certificates, personal invitations and other materials, without submitting PU letter issued by the relevant government departments of Zhejiang province.



Foreign family members of Chinese citizens and foreigners with permanent residence qualifications in China can apply for visas to visit relatives or family reunion in Zhejiang.



Please go to the website of the embassy or consulate for specific policies. The materials required for application shall be subject to the release of the embassy or consulate.



Reindeer Station Comments:

With the quarantine policy shortened the health-monitoring period, and international flights schedules starting to be back to normal, it is time to plan your travel to China. Contact us for visa assistant. 




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