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Great news! 7+3 now!重大利好!只需7+3!

According to the Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province:

Since 1stJuly, 2022, The office of the leading group for the Prevention and Control of COVID19 in Zhejiang Province issued the notice on adjusting the health management measures for key personnel


Implement 7+3 health management for overseas and inbound personnel


That is to say, the centralized isolation medical observation shall be carried out for 7 days, and the accounting and testing shall be carried out once every 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 days, of which the "double sampling and double testing" is no longer required on the seventh day. For those who are negative in the above accounting test results, continue to implement 3-day home health monitoring, and conduct a nucleic acid test on the third day, and end the health management measures if the result is negative; If you don't have good health testing conditions, take centralized isolation medical observation


Quarantine time shortened again in just a few days, great news for those who plan to come to China.


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