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Latest Quarantine Policy of Foreigners Entering Ningbo 最新外国人入甬健康管理

Reindeer Station received the latest policy on quarantine for foreigners entering Ningbo from Ningbo Immigration Office

Implement "7+7" health management measures for inbound personnel (i.e. 7-day centralized isolation medical observation and 7-day home health observation).


Destination to be within Zhejiang Province



· After the centralized isolation medical observation is completed, the municipal government divided into districts at the destination shall be responsible for the overall planning, and the closed-loop transfer to the destination for home quarantine. At present, the entry personnel who are still in the period of centralized isolation medical observation for more than 7 days can be transferred to home quarantine after one "double sampling and double examination". And the excess days can be offset by the subsequent days of home quarantine.

·结束集中隔离医学观察后,由目的地设区市政府统筹负责,闭环转运至目的地实施居家健康观察。目前尚在集中隔离医学观察期且超过 7 天的入境人员,进行 1 次“双采双检” 后可转入居家健康观察,超出的天数可折抵后续居家健康观察天数。


Destination to be outside Zhejiang Province


· After the centralized isolation medical observation, those who promise not to return to Zhejiang within 7 days shall be confirmed by the epidemic prevention and Control Department of the destination, to assign to "point-to-point" pick up and transfer. When leaving the centralized isolated medical observation place, the "Health Code" assigned shall be yellow code, and automatically turns to a green code after 7 days.

· If the above "point-to-point" connection and other conditions are not met, the 7-day home quarantine should continue to be implemented in Zhejiang.Those who cannot do home quarantine can be quarantined in the hotels designated by the district Government.

· After the home quarantine period ends, the health management measures will be ended, and the "Health Code" will turn green. You can leave Zhejiang by public transport.

·结束集中隔离医学观察后,承诺 7 天内不再返回浙江的,由省外目的地疫情防控部门确认并落实专人专车“点对点”接回。离开集中隔离医学观察场所时“健康码”赋黄码,7 天后自动转为绿码。

·不满足上述“点对点”接回等条件的,应继续在浙落实 7 天居家健康观察;其中不具备居家健康观察条件的,可在属地政府指定的酒店进行居家健康观察。

· 居家健康观察期满后,结束健康管理措施,“健康码”赋绿码,可乘坐公共交通工具离浙。


Entry boarder from outside Zhejiang and destination to be within Zhejiang Province


· Those who have been quarantine at the first place of entry for 14 days do not need to be controlled after entering Zhejiang. For those less than 14 days, they shall be transferred to the destination according to the current closed-loop transfer requirements after entering Zhejiang, and the "7+7" quarantine measures shall be supplemented.

·在第一入境地实施健康管理措施满 14 天的,入浙后无需管控;未满 14 天的,入浙后按照现行闭环转运要求转运至目的地,补齐“7+7”健康管理措施。


The personnel who enter from Shanghai port and are destined to Zhejiang province will be transferred to Jiaxing for centralized isolation for 4 days, after 3 days in Shanghai. After that, the local government at the destination will be responsible for the overall planning and closed-loop transfer to the destination in the province for 7 days of home quarantine.

上海口岸入境且目的地为我省的人员,在上海集中隔离 3 天后,转运至嘉兴继续集中隔离 4 ,期满后由目的地设区市政府统筹负责,闭环转运至省内目的地实施 7 天居家健康观察。


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