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Latest Policy on Emergency Humanitarian Visa to China最新入华邀请函动态分享

Currently, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad only accept the following three types of ordinary visa applications:


● Q1, Q2 visas for emergency humanitarian reasons;

● C visa for international flight attendants

● F and M letter resumption of work and production

● Q1、Q2字紧急人道主义事由签证;

● C字乘务签证;

● F、M字复工复产事由签证;

A number of Chinese embassies have issued documents announcing that they will moderately expand the number of visas granted to those who travel to China for "urgent humanitarian needs". Applicable people: foreign family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents, including spouses, parents, children and other close relatives living together (refer to brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents, grandchildren and grandchildren). Reasons for going to China: family reunion, support, visiting relatives, bereavement or visiting critically ill relatives in China. Those who meet the above requirements may submit a visa application.


As the epidemic situation abroad has not improved, the scope of examination and issuance of emergency humanitarian visas has not been "appropriately expanded" by Chinese embassies and consulates. As a result, many have failed to get their applications approved.


Regarding the application of PU letter in Zhejiang Province, since the pandemic, not many application had been approved, only a few from German and Japanese were successful. Recently, we are glad that when applying for a new visa invitation letter (PU), the family members of the main applicant who can obtain PU can also apply. Of course, this is not official announcement. According to the development of the pandemic, the application process are moderately open in practice for some cases. Expatriates who have returned to work after a long separation from their families can at least see some silver lining.


With more than 16 years of visa assistance in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Reindeer Station’s visa experts sense  the possibility of successful visa application for family members of those who currently entered China with F and M visa has been raised. Even though there is no official announcement so far, but the immigration office will have to start somewhere. Therefore, Reindeer Station suggests that those who are already in China with a valid visa for resuming work, can try to apply visa for their family members.


Again, in current situation, Visa application has been difficult, you need professional help. Contact us and keep up with the latest policies.



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