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Customized Factory Visit Service 定制探厂服务

China is the factory of the world, and Ningbo among the top in manufacturing. In 2021, Ningbo's industrial added value exceeded 600 billion yuan, ranking seventh in China. Ningbo has 63 national manufacturing "Single Item Champions", ranking first in China for 4 consecutive years. Ningbo Zhoushan port has become the third largest container port of 30 million class in the world just after Shanghai port and Singapore port. Naturally, the City has long been a hot spot for exporting manufacturing and an attractive place for foreign investment.




However, with the pandemic travelling restriction, many business plan had been postponed due to the lacking of entrusted staff in China to do research and making business deals. Reindeer Station received requests from our loyal clients as well as referral clients regarding factory visit. The precise work including

Verification on business

Multiple factories visit to define the best option

Quality control

Sample check

Manufacturing process supervision

Delivery oversee

Supplier verification and control


We can broadcasting of our verification of the existence of the factory, whether there is any legal dispute, whether the productivity capacity match its claims, whether the supply chain and manufacturing process is under standard management.













It is very common for overseas buyers to find product on 1688 and other platforms to establish contact with factories and dealers. However, making contact and receiving samples are the easiest part, establish trustworthy purchase deal, overseeing on-time delivery can be challenging, especially for first time cooperation.



Some may choose to work with export trading companies to relocate the responsibility from factories to dealers, while that means extra margin goes to the dealers. When the overall business is in high traffic, the deal may be neglected if the buyer can not directly contact the factory to oversee production. Or simply because the dealer is not professional or lacking service oriented skills. That is why our client choose Reindeer Station to do that part of job.

有一部分会选择与外贸代理公司合作,讲责任由工厂转到外贸公司,这意味着一部分额外的费用要支付给代理公司。当整体业务繁忙的时候,你的这一单业务可能会被忽视,如果卖家无法直接联系工厂监督生产。 或者仅仅是因为代理商不够专业,或是缺少必备的服务意识。 这是为何我们的客人选择灵达商务来做这一部分工作。



With over 15 years in expat and export business, our high end customize service can deliver you the result you required. As we charge service fee by the hour, providing detailed work time-sheet to demonstrate our value, there is no worry about the moral hazard.



Moreover, other than specific factory visit and tasks, Reindeer Station also networking closely with various factories, dealers, suppliers that may fit your needs.



It is very important to understand that here in China, there are many qualified suppliers with good products at great value, but lacking of the experience to satisfied the need to be an international supplier. Main reason is cultural difference, ignorance of international service standard and sometimes simply bad habit stop them from directing working with international projects



Reindeer Station can help them grow into the suppliers that satisfied the needs of clients, at the same time help clients find good quality products at good price.





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