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Office Address Registration
Leasing Term:
6 months at least normally
  • Most offices in new office buildings are not decorated. Tenants need to design, separate, decorate and furnish the office by themselves;
  • Some offices in the city might have been decorated by former tenants, despite the various decoration styles and standards; there are no office furniture and necessary supplies. New tenants need provide these by themselves. 
  • Most of such offices belong to individuals who rent out the offices according to their own expectations and habits. Therefore, the standard offices may be rented in various ways.
Rental Range:
About 1 RMB/ Day / SQM --- 4 RMB / RMB / Day / SQM 
(The rental range varies according to the locations, levels, rentable areas, tenancy terms, and decoration of offices and so on. For details please consult our service consultants.)
Service Charge:
For more information or visiting appointment, please feel free to contact our service consult supervisor.
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