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Administration Outsourcing

This service is to help those newly founded foreign-funded enterprises or representative offices of foreign enterprises which need full-time employees with good knowledge of English and foreign working philosophy to support their immature administration systems or help their workers on frequent business trips with simple administration work. Considering the fact that the management headquarters of such enterprises or representative offices are mostly outside China and that the instability and loyalty of employees may arise control risk for management headquarters abroad, you may need Reindeer Station’s professional administration outsourcing service to support your on-going operations. 
Service Items
  • - To handle the office or enterprise’s lease contracting concluding and signing, regular lease extension and payment application.
  • - To handle employees’ contract concluding and signing as well as archives management.
  • - To arrange employees' wage payment.
  • - To arrange the installation and payment of telephones and the Internet.
  • - To open express account and arrange payment.
  • - To handle the purchase of office supplies, car renting, ticket booking, and hotel booking and so on;
  • - To examine employees’ business expense reimbursement and apply for payment;
  • - To apply for online payment for above mentioned fees;
  • - To help foreign headquarters master the operation of online bank account;
  • - To submit English report on monthly charges and fees at the end of the month.
Service Price
Solution one: 800 RMB/month   (10 times service maximum every month) 
Solution two: 1500 RMB/month  (25 times service maximum every month)

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