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Payroll and HR Outsourcing
Due to China's unique and complex labor regulations, managing HR administrative processes can be a daunting task for any company.

As a result, HR outsourcing has become the prevalent trend, whereby companies engage a professional HR service provider to manage payroll, maintain personnel files, administer mandatory benefits contribution, provide supplementary insurance benefits, and recruit employees.

Reindeer Station has been cooperating with the professional and authorized HR agency for past years which offer payroll & HR outsourcing service which is an attractive option to many companies.

Payroll & HR outsourcing services are provided by Reindeer Station's HR partner, which caters to different levels of HR support needs, ranging from daily operations such as payroll and social benefits administration to complete outsourcing of HR operations.

Employing Local Personnel in China
Employing staff is a fundamental issue for all companies operating in china. China’s labor laws favor the employee over the employer. These laws include very specific provisions for the employment of local and foreign staff. Companies without a registered entity or foreign representative offices in China cannot legally employee staff in China. It is critical that companies entering the market understanding these rules and regulations.

Generally, apart from common employment requirements, such as signing contracts with workers, meeting wage standards, and issuing salary in a timely manner, employers in China are also obliged to:

  • - File their staff employment and dismissal notice with relevant government bureaus
  • - Maintain employees’personnel ?les – a unique Chinese document that records all academic and employment history of an employee
  • - Withhold and pay individual income tax on behalf of their employees
  • - Make monthly contributions to their employees’ social bene?ts and housing funds
Most of the above processes are complicated by the involvement of several government bureaus and tedious paperwork. For the unfamiliar, staffing their China operations may pose a challenge and many choose to rely on service providers to guide them through these HR administrations.


The following chart is current through June 20th, 2013 for Ningbo.

Social Insurance


Min/ Max Base


 Insurance Rate


Monthly Min/Max Amount


By Employer


By Employee


By Employer


By Employee


Pension insurance





Unemployment insurance
Medical insurance
2166—10827 (10+1)% 2%  238.3-1191.0  43.3-216.5
Hospitalization Medical Insurance 2166 (4.5+1)%
- 119.2 -
Injury insurance 2166—10827 0.3% - 6.5-32.5 -
Maternity insurance    2166-10827 0.7% - 15.2-75.8 -

Public housing fund

    5-12% 5-12% 73.5-176.4 / 1172-2813.4 73.5-176.4 / 1172-2813.4
*Applies to Medical, Injury & Maternity insurance

Based on the percentages and minimum/maximum base range, the net salary of a Chinese employee, including social benefits contribution, is then computed as:
Net Salary = Gross Salary – Social Bene?ts (By Employee) – Deductible – IIT
IIT: Individual Income Tax (refer to Individual Income Tax Chapter for more information on computation method)

Service Charge:  RMB 100 - 200 per month per person


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