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Legal Services in Ningbo Zhejiang

Lawyer Profile

Brian Xu
International lawyer at Capital Equity Legal Group(Ningbo Firm)
Bachelor of Laws in International Economic and Business Law (Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China)
Mandarin Chinese
Professional Summary 
Brian Xu is a highly experienced litigator whose practice focuses on complex commercial and 
international litigation. He presides over hundreds of commercial cases, including numerous cases concerning interests of foreign corporations in China.
Having worked in a considerable amount of time in Foreign law firm, Mr. Xu holds a unique background uncommon to most Chinese attorneys. As a result Mr. Xu provides western clients with competent representation in English, and Mandarin Chinese. 

Practice Areas 
Capital Equity Legal Group is a full service law firm providing a range of legal services to all sectors involving foreign interests. With over 200 lawyers and many years of experience we have successfully advocated numerous cases involving a wide range of legal issues. 

Business and Personal 
In addition to corporate related legal matters, Capital Equity Legal Group provides a full range of legal services for all business types and personal legal needs. Our firm supports foreign entrepreneurs by facilitating the establishment and operation of businesses in China. In particular the firm aids in obtaining Chinese business licenses, advocating within the Chinese legal system, drafting legal documents, and providing other necessary business and personal legal services.

Specialized Areas of Practice 
• - Establishing/Conducting Foreign Owned Enterprises 
• - Commercial Contracts
• - Trade Disputes
• - Court Judgment and Arbitration Award Enforcement
• - Cross-Border IP Issues
• - Real Property
• - Personal Legal Issues
• - General Legal Litigation
• - Company Directors and Shareholder Disputes
• - Mergers and Acquisitions
• - Mortgages and Security Documents

If you have more questions or are interesting with our services, please feel free to inquiry with our service consultant.
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Legal Services in Ningbo Zhejiang

Capital Equity Legal Group
Capital Equity Legal Group, abbreviated as CELG, is the first and the exclusive legal group firm in Zhejiang province, which was originated in 1997. The name “Capital Equity” stands for absorbing the spirit of both eastern and western legal rules, searching the original legal principles and seeking the equity and justice.

Effective Legal Services Are Vital For Doing Business In Ningbo

We are a team of Chinese lawyers dedicated to offer clients with solutions for their direct investment and trade businesses in China. Our team has extensive in-country experience advising Chinese and foreign clients including clients from U.S. and European on investment in Ningbo, international trade, commercial and civil matters throughout mainland Ningbo. We help the clients establish company and representative office in Ningbo. What’s more, we provide legal solutions for foreign and domestic clients over business disputes.

Our team helps foreign and Chinese businesses with:
  • - Establish Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), Equity Joint Venture (EJV), Cooperative Joint Ventures (CJV) for clients;
  • - Law consultation and standing legal adviser service to clients in import and export (international trade) business;
  • - Legal solutions for foreign and domestic clients over business disputes;
  • - Legal service of formation and liquidation of company and representative office;
  • - Legal service of merger and acquisition, and joint-stock company's reorganization over laws;
  • - Legal service to financing of finance organizations, industry and trade companies and individuals;
  • - Legal service of IP laws which include but not limit to Patent, Trademark and Copyright;
  • - Legal service of real estate which includes but not limits to confiscation of house lands and sales of commercial residency apartments;
  • - Law consultation to all sorts of enterprises, and act for and on behalf of enterprises in litigation and arbitration cases.

and via following detail jobs:
- To offer project legal service such as investment, trade, investigation, etc.; 
- To answer legal inquiry by verbal or written; 
- Due diligence or basic registration file investigation of partners and/or suppliers;
- To draft, look through and revise contracts/agreements and/or other legal documents;
- To attend the commercial and legal negotiation with third parties; 
- To act for and on behalf of clients in the litigation, arbitration; 
- To offer legal services for enterprise(s)' daily operation and inner management; 
- To act as a standing lawyer for enterprise(s), with aforementioned and following jobs upon the enterprise's requirements and/or authorizations;

  ● To draft Lawyer's Letter to third parties;
  ● To offer latest news over certain law amendment and latest governments regulations;
  ● To offer staff in the enterprise with basic Chinese law knowledge training;
  ● To offer law advices for the enterprise's business plans and/or certain business operations;
  ● To draft, look through and revise the enterprise's inner management documents, including employment contract, training agreement and/or non-disclosure agreement, etc;
  ● To assist the enterprise with negotiation and/or communication with government bureau(s), and/or business partner(s).
- Other commercial and civil law matters. 

If you have more questions or are interesting with our services, please feel free to inquiry with our service consultant.
Tel : +86 574 2772 1008 / 2772 6526
Email: legaladvice@reindeerstation.com