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Registered Address Solution
Office serves mostly for the purpose of business operation, coordination and it is one of the preconditions in business registration.
According to the Ningbo Certificate of Real Estate Ownership of the office building, it is noted that the usage of the building must be “Commercial purpose or Residential and Commercial purpose”. This is the legal requirement for Chinese company or representative office registration. 
If the home office is already exist and you want to minimize the cost of office renting. We can provide you a most economic solution.
Option 1: Virtual Office
Cost: 200 RMB/Month
What you can get:
  • Size of Office: N/A;
  • Registered Location: ZhengHai District, Ningbo (near new central ZhenHai Gov.)
  • Leasing term: 6 months min (Extendable)
  • Files: Ownership certificate , Property layout drawing, Leasing contract : Both English and Chinese version
  • Added Valued Services: Helping checking mails to registered office, notice and transfer to clients as request (extra mail charge )
Option 2: Mini Office
Cost: 350 RMB/Month
What you can get:
  • Size of Office: 1 table space office with share receptionist, manager room and public meeting room
  • Office use 2 times per month (6 months contract) or 5 times per month (1 year contract)
  • Registered Location: ZhengHai District, Ningbo (near new central ZhenHai Gov.)
  • Leasing term: 6 months min (Extendable)
  • Files: Ownership certificate 
 Documents Needed:
Copy of your passport and approved company name for contract.
 Can I Use This To Register?
Yes, it’s a virtual office and a legal address. You can use it to register your Company or representative office.

 Extra Service Fee: No

 Office Brief Introduction
The office building is located in Fulton camel international business district, which is located in 329 State Road, Camel Street, Zhenhai District. Transportation is very convenient: only 5 minutes drive from the new administrative center, about 30 minutes drive from Ningbo downtown, 30-40 minutes from the airport and train station.
The new camel international business district, which has advanced concept of serviced offices, is forged by the Economic Cooperation Bureau of Zhenhai District, Camels streets and Reindeer Station. It is uniformly decorated as a Scandinavian modern style office and available for you to hold meetings as well as bring client to visit.
You may contact Reindeer Station to inquiry for a larger space of office or warehouse.


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