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Warehouse / Factory
Transportation time by train  
Ningbo-ShangHai/Wuxi/SuZhou  2h
Ningbo-HangZhou/TaiZhou/JiaXin 1h
Ningbo-CiXi/ShaoXing   0.5h
Factories in Ningbo city are mainly distributed at Hongtang in Jiangbei district, the southern and western part of Yinzhou district, the northern part of the High-tech Zone, Zhenhai district, and Beilun district, Fenghua city, and Xiangshan city. 
Factories outside Ningbo downtown are mainly distributed according to local industry features.
Some factories in Ningbo are located in the industrial zones under government planning. Such factories have favorable sizes, surroundings, and management. Those personally owned factories vary in their surroundings and scales. Some factories occupy more than one floor in a building for production or storage, with large goods elevator on each floor. The first floors of such buildings are mostly higher than 8 meters, the second and above floors with the height of 4-5 meters or less.  Some factories are one-storey. With the height of 9-12 meters, they are more proper for some heavy machinery enterprises.
Rental range:
Average rental around 10RMB / SQM / Month to 30 RMB / SQM / Month
The range varies according to the size, environment, management, age, area, and tenancy term and so on.
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