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Business Services

You manage business,We manage your legal and tax issues,
and Link you to the right support.

Why us

We do more than just set up your business

Setting up your business in China is simply the starting point of our service. Our value lies in matching the most appropriate and beneficial resources as well as opportunities for our clients who are breaking into the Chinese market. These include analyzing the various government policies that enterprises and foreign businesses can leverage, facilitating negotiations with the government and other business stakeholders in favour of our clients, and assisting in the application for optimal policy support.

We connect you to the right resources

We take pride in our rich network of partners and collaborators. Not only are we recognized by the government, we are also the most favoured expat service company in the industry.

We take care of your best interests

Setting up a business in China involves navigating complex regulations and policies. We make sure you understand every step, legal implications and possible risks throughout your decision-making process. All important government-related, official documents are checked and validated by professional legal attorneys, which sets us apart from other company set-up agencies. Furthermore, these documents come with an English copy so that our clients can understand them.

We are attentive and detailed

Business registration applications to the authorities have strict requirements, and you may encounter some unexpected hurdles in the process. Our detailed and experienced consultants will oversee all details of your sensitive applications, identify potential setbacks you may be unaware of and advise you accordingly.

We are organized and systematic

We keep you updated on our progress, and all important and confidential documents are systematically filed throughout the process of your business set-up. Upon successful completion of your business set-up, we have a thorough checklist to facilitate a smooth handover of your original documents and seals.

We offer additional services

Some clients may need further expert assistance during or after the business set-up. You can choose our packaged services that include legal and accounting services in addition to our business set-up service. We have a strong legal and finance team that can help you ensure that your new business operates according to the financial and legal requirements of the country.