Free Music Salon in Mid-autumn

Every year, 

Same Mid-autumn day, 

But we have different fun activities!





Music Salone—the ceremony of opening 

"expats service alliance in Wenjiao zone, Ningbo" 


To enhance high level service for expats living in Ningbo Wenjiao community, with deep and continuous engagement on building an international community is a must so that foreigners can live comfortably with warm heart. 


Blow there are the list of programs for this event




Ningbo Children's Choir


On July 21, the Ningbo Children's Choir who participated the International Major Competition
for the very first time, won the Gold Medal in the 

"2017 World Youth Choral Festival - Hong Kong" International Choir,
and won the gold medal in the 7-12 year old group within 29 teams, 


only 8 months that the Ningbo Children's Choir has been established 

This is the highestinternational award since the construction of
Ningbo Music Harbor for more thana year, and it is also the highest achievement
for Ningbo teenagers made in theinternational choral competition so far.


Miaodi Qi—Luoqi Music


Miaodi is the permanent conductor of Ningbo City StudentArt orchestra,
and he is one of the founders of Ningbo Luoqi Music Library.

Cuidong Group

Yue opera, is the second most popular opera form out of over 360 

opera genres in China. Originating in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1906, Yue opera features actresses in male roles,
as well as femininity interms of singing, performing, and staging. Over time, it grew in popularity.
Only Peking opera is 
more popular. It is highly popular in Zhejiang, Shanghai,Jiangsu and Fujian, while its audiences are all over China.


Liang Dong

Liang Dong is graduated from the University of Manitoba,Canada,
received a bachelor's degree in business course, he is the only
 of the Canadian Professional Magic Association in mainland China.


Yaojiang CyClinic medical

The Founding of the international clinic in 

Yaojiang community health center further strengthens 

the capacity of the city to provide medical services for expats.


The Three River's Band

Three River’s Band are an innovative, exciting 3 piece covers band established as the first
choice for high profile venues and functions. Waters are expected to rise with the arrival of Ningbo’s musical act,
Three River’s Band. We are assured to shape your occasion into an event.


Consisting of unique vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar and drums.  
Each show is a spontaneous, high-energy performance drawing from an extensive repertoire
of popular music ranging from classic to modern rock.


 During the event, free champagne and snack food will be provided.





People who attend the event could get free health check from
Yaojiang CyClinic medical team and females could also get
free health check from DONGYIDAMING hospitals.



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