2017-Newsletter-Issue 08
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   Key Changes of New Policy for Foreigner's Work Permit! 】  

If you have been following us closely (if you haven’t been following us, you should!), 
we have announced that there is a new policy regarding the foreigner’s work permit 
which is relevant to you as an expat!

Reindeer Station is here to update you with details of this new policy!

Common and frequently asked questions:

1. What are the major changes under the new system?

2. How will foreigners be classified under the new system?

3. A brief description of the process of applying for new work permit.

4. How long does it take to get the work permit after arriving in China?

5. How long is the validity of new work permit?

6. If I have the old version of the expert certificate or work permit, are they still valid?

7. What are the key documents required for the change of new work permit?

8. When I extend my previous expert certificate and work permit, 
will I need to provide documents mentioned above?

9. If I am a investor、a board chairman、a legal person、a general manager or a chief expert of Ningbo company,am I able to apply for a 2-5 years work permit?
What are the requirements?

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