Cool Words in Chinese
With development nowadays, there are more and more new words created in life or on the internet and become popular in the society. Here are some listed. Remember one or two and use it when chatting with your Chinese friends. It will definitely shock them!
1.Diao si  屌丝
self-mocking .For those who are not rich and successful enough but still make great effort to achieve the goal
eg. I’m really a diaosi that I can’t afford a car.
2. ai cuo qiong  矮矬穷
To describe men who are poor, short and behave rudely. They are usually passive in a relationship because few girls like them 
eg. He is ai cuo qiong and no one will like him.
3. gao fu shuai  高富帅
To describe men who are tall, rich, and handsome. They are usually active in a relationship because lots of girls like them 
eg. If you are gao fu shuai, lots of girls will rush into you.
4. bai fu mei  白富美
To describe girls who are white-skin, rich, and beautiful. They are usually active in a relationship because lots of men like them
eg. She is just bai fu mei who is attractive.
5. ni xi 逆袭
Struggle hardly in bad situation and finally achieve success
eg. He used to be a man who is nothing but now he ni xi to have everything he wants.
6.ji you  基友
Used to describe those couples who are gay but now refers to those who are good brothers
eg. Those two guys are good ji you that they do lots of things together.
7. mai meng  卖萌
Commendatory. Pretend to be cute. 
eg. Please don’t mai meng any more. It has so much power to me.
8.gui le  跪了
“I kneel down to you” to express one’s admire or exclamatory for someone else
eg. Unbelievable! How dare you to do the parachuting! I’m really gui le.
9. keng die  坑爹
Kindly satire for something taking away one’s benefits or having bad effect for someone
eg. Today I went to the bookstore which I visit every weekend but it shut down and changed to a restaurant without noticing me! How keng die it is!
10. zhong me le  肿么了
What’s wrong 
eg. Your phone zhong me le? I called you for more than ten times but no one answer.
11. bu ming jue li  不明觉厉

I don't quite get it, but I think you are really terrific
12. shi dong ran ju  十动然拒

She was deeply moved but still rejected him
13. ren jian bu chai  人艰不拆

Life is so hard that some lies are better not to be exposed.
14.lei jue bu ai  累觉不爱

Too tired to love.
15.xi si kong ji  细思恐极

When you think it over, you will feel horrible.