Local foreigner consultant本地外籍顾问
About Consultant

With living here in Ningbo for a long time, we love the work and life here and happy to share everything we know about what you want to know.


Provide correct and real information.
Present perfect foreign language posting.


1.Loving Ningbo and the life here
2.Have certain free time every week
3.Great controlling ability of words


1. Served clients from dozens of countries. France, America, Japan, Korea, England, German, Danmark,Norway,Sweden,Canada, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Austria, Brazil...
2. More than hundreds of clients increased per year
3. Developed official wechat account, mobile application for Android and Iphone
4. Have published almost a hundred thousand Taxi Book, with more than 200 distribution locations in Ningbo, including all the five star hotels, middle and top grade restaurants, cafes, teahouses, bars...   
1. 服务过来自法国、美国、日本、韩国、英国、德国、丹麦、挪威、瑞典、加拿大、墨西哥、印度、巴基斯坦、奥地利、巴西等数十个国家的客户
2. 每年外籍人士客户数以数百增加
3. 拥有微信公众平台、手机应用程序等多个自媒体项目及线上资源

1.Name and photo listed in the Consultants part
2.Two free events tickets provided per year, which will allow the Honor Consultant to participate in any paid activities organized by reindeer station
3. Have 5% off of any one service provided by reindeer-station. (And enjoy any other promotion discount occurring at the same time.)
4.One month’s free advertisement position for and event held by project Honor Consultant.

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Willem van Kruijsbergen

Language, Dutch English
Business Development Manager at International Business Concepts
International Business Concepts is a trading company with offices in Hong Kong and Ningbo specialized in impulse articles, store concepts and fast selling consumer goods. Our clients are medium size and large retailers like Carrefour, Metro, Makro, Maxeda group, Delhaize, several DIY chains, kiosks, gas stations and supermarket chains mainly in Europe.

商业发展经理, International Business Concepts
International Business Concept 是一家专门从事脉冲产品、仓储服务及快速消费品的贸易公司,在香港及宁波均设有办公室。客户主要为欧洲中大型零售商如家乐福、麦德龙、万客隆、加油站等
Business Development Manager at SoHo Kitchen & Bar

In charge of finding franchise partners in China and other countries